About Us

Poseidon Construction is a premiere aquarium insert manufacturer in the United States. We create high quality inserts for fresh water and salt water environments. Our custom coral reef insert designs are unique, elegant, and safe for your aquatic life. All our products are custom made to fit your aquariums and are professionally installed by our expert staff.

Our designs are also UV-coated so the colors will never fade. Chipping is also not a problem since our materials are thoroughly dyed during the manufacturing process. Aquarium maintenance is also taken in consideration with our unique designs. Our products are molded in one piece and custom installed by our professionals to fit in your tank.

We take pride in all of our custom work. We view our products as one of a kind pieces of art. No other company in the United States can come close to matching the quality that we strive for. All of our products are made from durable food grade fish friendly materials not from fiberglass like some of our competitors.

Products made from fiberglass are less expensive but are very dangerous to your aquatic life. We want your fish to have a long healthy life, so we produce our products with safety as a top priority.

As a result of our quality manufacturing process, we can produce higher grade inserts that last a long time and provide many hours of enjoyment to your viewers.